Automatic EAP

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This repository provides a set of script and Docker Containers as a “proof-of-concept” which demonstrates the methods proposed in the EAP Usability document.

What is this?

Historically, 802.1X / EAP has been difficult to configure and use securely.

This repository contains sample code which shows that it can be trivial to configure client systems for many EAP types. All that is required is that the client system have:

  1. A web root CA, so that it can securely verify web sites for downloads
  2. a network connection
  3. A user name to authenticate with, e.g.
  4. A password to authenticate with, e.g. superSecr3t

That’s it.

The domain has some additional requirements. It has to have a DNS server, and then put a few special records into DNS. It has to have a web site which can host the certificates used for EAP.

For a (very long) description of this process, including many things not discussed here, see the EAP Usability document.

Build Requirements

In order to use this repository, you will need:

This should work on most Linux systems, and on OSX.

Getting it Done